About Us
When looking around to decide what I wanted to do to keep myself busy once I retired, I
could not  find anyone to embroider what I wanted.  When I would ask, the answer I
received was we'll have to send it off, my question is, Send it off where?  Well needless to
say, I now know where, To The Digitizer.  

Well, this still did not dampen my spirits. While working around the house one day, I
went upstairs to my lovely wife's sewing rooms (yes, rooms).   I spotted one of her sewing
machines and it had Embroidery written on it, she was keeping a secret.  I asked her about
it and she stated, “That machine will not do everything you want to do!” She was right.  
Damn...she was right!

To make a long story short, there was a quilt show going on in Savannah, GA and she was
looking on
Facebook and happened to see Moye's Sewing Center was there and they were
showing a 10 needle machine. We looked at the Brother 10 needle on
Youtube (I love
technology) and we headed down to the quilt show the next day and brought that baby home.
Lazy Bugs Custom  Embroidery
Where we are anything but Lazy!!